Coloured Bathrooms: 5 Bold Bathroom Palettes to Achieve your Dream Bathroom

Coloured Bathrooms: 5 Bold Bathroom Palettes to Achieve your Dream Bathroom

Thinking of renovating your bathroom this year or just simply uplifting it a little to give it a new refreshing vibe? Here are bold colour choices you can use and embrace the New Year with a new and refreshing environment.

1. Play with Colour of the Year: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

As chosen by the Pantone Color Institure, Illuminating and ultimate gray represents both warmth and dependability.

The illuminating colour is your cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity while the Ultimate gray is your solid and dependable element that complements well with each other expressing a message of strength and hopefulness.

2. Go Bright with Vibrant Teal

The richness of a vibrant teal adds load of personality to even the smallest of bathrooms. It allows your artwork and other fixtures to pop thus accentuating quite a statement of modern bathroom design.

3. Embracing Green

Choose to decorate your bathroom with matte finish green and create a flourishing ambiance that feels like walking into a lush forest.

It is best accompanied with opaque or white wood to fully achieve that woodland vibe.

4. Energize with Burnt Orange

A super energetic colour like orange can uplift your spirits and help you wake up in the morning and fill it with warmth and cosiness.

Colour orange is only limited to two colour combination to avoid overdoing it. To fully refresh your orange bathroom you can partner it with neutrals or white to help in raising your mood. It is advised to not fill your bathroom with orange only as it may become too dark or too bright.

5. Go Dark with Cosmic Sapphire

If you are into the nautical themed bathrooms, choosing this dark cosmic sapphire is your rich bold navy colour that adds depth to any space.

This deep colour is mute colour that does not overpower your space thus allowing you to match it well with other colours.

If you aren’t a fan of bold coloured bathrooms, you can always opt to a pristine white coating and just add in colourful bathroom fixtures to give it that pop of colour it deserves.

Always remember to choose colour that is soothing to your taste and not because it’s on trend given at the end of the day, you will be the one using and seeing it every day so choose wisely. Happy bathing!

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