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7 Amazing Pool Design Ideas to Impress Your Guests

Why settle for simple, dull swimming pools when you can get creative and let your crazy ideas out? By simply choosing an artistic outdoor tile design to get bold with the playful shapes on your mind, you can pull off a stunning pool that will impress your guests like the ones below.

Splash Pads

Image source:

Got kids? Splash pads are the perfect choice for you. Once only seen in public parks & resorts, splash pads are becoming popular nowadays among private homes because it is inexpensive and is a great solution for space-constricted backyards.

DIY Slides

Image source:

From splash pads, we’re now moving to another resort staple: pool slides. Let the kids (and the kids at heart) experience the excitement of slides right at home. Surely, your guests will be impressed because who doesn’t get thrilled with slides? Learn how to make a crafty DIY slide here.

Artistic Tiles

Image source:

Oh, the wonder of ceramic tiles. Swirls, colors, and shapes can give life to your recreational area without exerting too much effort on the design. If you want to personalize your pool and impress without doing much effort, going for creative outdoor tiles is your best choice.

Go Natural

Image source:

Nature lover? Nothing beats the feeling of swimming out in the wild so we’d understand if you want to bring the wild to your home. Be it a pond, a river, or a waterfall, don’t hesitate to recreate scenes from nature like the one pictured above.


Image source:

Do you like showing off your graceful moves? With glass-walled pools, you can now show off your swimming prowess to your guests. You’ll be like a goldfish in a clear fish tank, or maybe a flying fish with this gravity-defying, 500-feet glass-bottom swimming pool in a high-rise apartment in Texas.

Indoor, Outdoor

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Want ultimate relaxation? Of course, you do, so here’s what you need: a lounge in the middle of your swimming pool. Get a couch, a mini table, and a shade from indoors to pull off the idea. Because why not, your outdoor pool should be relaxing, right?

Playful Shapes

Image Source:

(Image Source:

Are you into music? Sports? Films? Whatever your hobbies and interests are, you can show your guests what you’re up to thru your swimming pool. Let your fascination towards something take its shape (literally) as you design the pool of your dreams and see amazing results.

Feeling creative yet? Now let your creativity out. Sketch the shape you’d want, choose the concept you’d do, plan the outdoor tile you’d use, and turn your backyard into a real attraction today.

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4 Ways to Make your Bathroom Safer

Unbeknownst to many people, one of the more dangerous parts of the home is actually where you’re supposed to enjoy your most private moments: the bathroom. Dangers could be lurking in unregulated bad heaters, poor room ventilation, and most commonly, slippery bathroom tiles. Hence, we try to look at some things you can do right now to help make bath time a safer experience for kids and vulnerable seniors.

Handle Bars

One thing you can install right now inside your bathroom are handlebars. It’s especially helpful for senior citizens who might have trouble keeping their balance. If you’ve ever found yourself in a pickle trying to sit on the toilet or getting up off it (maybe you have an injured knee, a bad back, etc.), then not only are handle bars appropriate for you in that they keep you safe, and help you heal better by not stressing your injuries further.

Image source:


Especially in tropical countries, bathrooms could potentially amplify ambient heat if the air isn’t allowed to properly circulate. That, compounded by how high blood pressure seems to be associated with constipation that could make people strain while passing a hard stool, is a potential recipe for a stroke or heart attack. Install exhaust systems to make sure the air isn’t drafty, that the heat cycles out, and to help keep the bathroom smelling fresh.



Bathroom tiles make up the majority of your bathroom and play an important role in keeping you safe. They are actually your primary focus when it comes to slip & falls. Choose tiling appropriately. Brushed or textured finish granite, travertine & limestone have a high rate of friction which makes them safe whether for wet or dry areas.

Image source:


You can make your bathroom safe even with using just general implements. You can start by putting in a non-slippery rug, which you can wipe the floor with, to keep a bathroom’s dry area dry. Also, add a rubber mat for the wet area to decrease the chances of slippage. To take it a step further, improve the layout of your bathroom to keep electrical equipment away from water, make items easily accessible (add a medicine cabinet, to boot), and make sure the door swings outward so that it’s easier to access in case of emergencies and someone falls behind the door.

Around 200,000 people get injured inside the bathroom yearly and it all could be prevented by being constantly vigilant and having the proactivity to modify the layout, the bathroom tiles, the water amenities, and the logistics of our bathroom to have safer features.

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5 Things You Need to Know in Buying Your First Home

Starting a family, given the right conditions, can be an exciting new chapter to anyone’s life.  But at the same time, it is undeniable that it could be troubling and worrisome no matter how ready someone thinks they are. This is new territory and there is a whole lot of responsibility that needs to be taken in. There are many things that need to be considered that go beyond the intimacy like financial security, how to make it work on a daily basis, and decision making.

And perhaps one of the biggest decisions in this new stage in life would be choosing the place to start up a family.  There are several locations in the Philippines that are ideal for building a good family foundation. Each location may have their perks and downsides. Metro Manila with the commodities it can offer, has always been an appealing location for those who are planning to start up a family, but the cost of living might be a little too demanding.  That is why in the discussion of viable alternative location when budget becomes an issue, Pampanga, Bicol, Negros Occidental and Iloilo come to mind. These locations are considered as up and coming locations for real estate with affordable houses for sale. Houses for sale in Cagayan de Oro shouldn’t be left out on this topic as well. Cagayan de Oro is a highly urbanized city in Misamis Oriental with a population of 675,950 and a land area of 412.80-kilometer square; it is almost ten times bigger than Manila and a lot less populated. Houses for sale around this area are likely to be more affordable compared to those in Manila too.

But whether you aim to purchase that house for sale in Cagayan de Oro or take a few hit to get established in the metro is really up to your preferences. To help you decide on that matter, here are some helpful tips and data to guide you in purchasing the home for your family.

  1. Pay good attention to details during a home inspection. Chances are, the realtor will try to highlight many positive things about what they are trying to sell to you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to check out things for yourself.
  2. Consider the opinion of the family. Any house that you will purchase will be theirs too so might as well ask for their thoughts about the house. They might be able to point out some valuable points that can make or break the house deal.
  3. Check out the community the house belongs in. It might help to gather information on what the people around the area are like. Who knows what you might find out?
  4. Have a second or third option ready. Even though you might think you found the right house for your family, it will still be wise to have a comparison or other options you can fall back on in case things get a bit unpredictable.
  5. Live within your means. Do not go for a house that you can barely afford. Check for deals or arrangement that can be beneficial for your family in general. After all, there is more to starting a family than owning a house.

Again, whether you intend to live it big in the metro or settle for a low-key life in those houses for sale in Cagayan de Oro, Pampanga, or anywhere else in the Philippines is totally up to you. But you still have to be cautious and careful in deciding to make the most of the purchase you will make.

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6 Ideas to Redesign your Bathroom with White tiles

The bathroom is like your mini getaway away from stress. Your relaxation sanctuary before or after the long day stress.

If your bathroom is sad as your life now, taking a bath there would be a real struggle. A person with so much in their hands deserves a relaxing hot bath.

To make your sad-looking bathroom look big and calming, design it with one of these white tile design ideas for the complete relaxation you deserve:

The All White Everything

all white
Image Source: American Olean

From your drawers to your sink and bowl make sure to have it in white and partner it with tiny white tiles with a gray grout to give off a simple and clean looking bathroom.

Though all white could sometimes be off putting why not add a pop of color such as colored flowers put in a clear vase to give the right contrast for your all white washroom.

The Bold and the Light

Mixing and matching of white with black is always the favored look which gives off a regal vibe.

black n white
Image source: American Olean

The idea of this is inspired by a DC character named, Harley Quinn, the diamond pattern gives off the jester factor emanated by this character. While the walls are simply styled with white tiles and accentuated with other fixtures that are in black hue palette.

Marbled White Aesthetics

Marble tiles are always seen to be the choice of the rich due to its simple yet admirable look plus the durability it promises.

marbled tiles
Image source:

This design was inspired by infinite space. Through using marble tiles and with other geometrical shaped tiles, the inspiration was achieved. The simplicity it possesses makes the room feel calming and at the same time clean but not as off-putting due to the patterns brought by the marble effect.

White with Brights

If you’re not a fan of an all-white themed lavatory perhaps a splash of color would do the trick but still leave a serene vibe in the bathroom.

whites with brights
Image source:

The walls may be designed with white tiles the floors could be splashed with a bright pattern hue of orange with white and carefully place it on ground with a mindset of keeping the design look finished. Else, take necessary measures such as continuing the tiling procedure up to the walls of the washroom.

Whites with Vintage

If you happen to be a collector of vintage items or a proud owner of old decors why not put it to good use by adding it to your washroom design.

whites with vintage
Image source:

If you’re thinking of filling it up with overly priced vintage collectibles, I strongly advise you to not do it. Don’t let those items go to waste for the sake of decorating, preserve it and later sell it for quite the amount of money. Best to buy those found in garage sales which no one ever buys but fits your old persona.

Whites with wood

whites with woor
Image source:

The idea is to contrast the all white colored bathroom with a touch of freshly varnished drawers.

The rustic feel brought by the wood furniture makes the room appear homey and cozy.

Designing your bathroom with tiles should be aesthetically pleasing to your style to give you the right amount of comfort you truly needed.

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8 Essential Gadgets You Needed When the Big One Happens


No one is resilient to the impending threat brought about the natural disasters caused by global warming. Do you think you’re ready for one or just swinging it and not minding the situation?

Though when these calamities arise you are somehow assured that someone will risk their lives on saving you but could really rely on that, having the right amount of preparedness would enable you to have the right tools at the right time.

To help you cope when these things arise, here are handy gadgets that would surely help in any way possible to survive this saddening tragedy:

1. Hand Crank Radios

Instead of relying on battery-operated radios that do not ensure how it will survive. This is truly a gem if you ask me. Having the ability to get information when you need it most will alert you and enable you to evacuate on a much safer place for you and your family’s safety.

Plus when you buy one that can act as a charger that would be even great. Charging your phone would enable you to contact anyone for help. Be saved in no time.

2. Waterproof Stuff Sacks

If there are items or gadgets that should be kept dry when something happens. Keeping them dry and clean in a waterproof sack would diminish the chances of it getting wet.

3. Handpump

Used to store extra fuel when gas pumps are inoperable due to electricity loss.

4. Solar powered lanterns

Though they are widely popular nowadays, this item is truly a gift when the power is out. The energy needed is just energy coming from the sun which is about anywhere so no need to worry on the darkest of nights.

5. Handheld GPS

This item is useful anytime possible more so if you’re no good with directions. This item will enable you to help be on your path without fail.

6. Waterproof Ziplock Bags

Sacks are storage for bigger items while ziplock can be your security blankets for your documents, emergency cash, and important IDs.

7. UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)

This gadget comes in handy when your work and data are all stored in one place. Through a UPS, assurance of no sudden shut down will deteriorate your device to avoid data loss.

8. Generator Set

To keep you warm on the coldest of days, a generator could be your source of power. Though pricey yet still handy.

These are just some of the gadgets you should be equipping your home with to somehow withstand incoming calamities. Being cautious and alert at all times would guarantee you of a safer place possible. Invest in your safety, not on luxuries.

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5 Floor Design ideas for Keeps

A new home deserves a quality kind of flooring that would never go out of style just like what Taylor Swift said and would still be aesthetically pleasing for decades to go. Design ideas and planning could be tough as well as time-consuming so it is a must to have your floors please your eye for style to avoid unwanted redoing of stuff.

To help you decide on what floor tiles you should be designing your home with, here are a few ideas that would ignite interest for your aesthetics:

The Wood Finish

The good ole wood finish would never get you wrong. This kind of style dates back to the Colonial Era (1607 – 1780) wherein due to the overwhelming supply of wood which brought about the use of wood plank flooring. To this Day, wood finishing is still a preferred choice for any home for it gives warmth which travels you back to our founding fathers.

Image source:

This forward pattern gives off that freely vibe. Signalling you to go this way.

The Bright and Funky

If your style is more into the hype of fun and bright colours, going funky with yellow could never get you wrong.

Image source:

The yellow neon takes over the white ensembles of the home. The white hue of the home points you directly to what matters most, the yellow tiled floors. If you wanted your floors to be the centre of attention no better way than splashing it with a bright, fun touch of yellow.


A perky pattern of your choice could either trick or amaze your visitors. Either way, it always leaves a mark to anyone.

Image source:

The idea of this bathroom tile design is to let you focus on what path you should be taking wherein the centre is always the right way. No more bumps and aches just a path leading you to where you’re headed.

Floor Art

If you’re too bored with your wood finish floor why not change it up big time with paint. If you don’t have any experience on painting your floors here’s a nifty guide to help you with that.

Image source:

The idea of the floor is to avoid the addition of a trip-prone rug. This design matches well in a beach house with swatches of blue and white. Did you feel that, the zing!

Or like of most of us, yours are concrete ones, here are a bit more ideas to glow up your concrete floors.

Image source:

The setting is to make you feel you’re at sea feeling the breeze coming from the north. The former tiled basement was given a nice smooth by a diamond grinder and finishing it off with a turquoise acetone stain. The unevenness of the floor gives off the vibe of floating on water.

The Stone Setting

A marbled floor travels you back to the monarchical era where marbled floor design was the taste of the wealthy.

Image source:

The clean shiny effect of the marble floor radiates wealth and cleanliness. The minimal patterns laid on the floor does not empower the aesthetic of the style. Plus the lighting effect from the rustic chandeliers completes the setting.

A home should be styled according to your taste but with regards to your budget. If your tile supplier in the Philippines meets your taste and budget looking elsewhere is not needed. Keeping your design according to your style would result in a relaxing home you deserve.